Nocturne Alchemy VAULT — Bastet's Garden Retro Labels — 5 ml Bottle


Nocturne Alchemy Vault — Bastet's Garden Retro Labels — 5 ml Bottle
These bottles have the long labels like the bottles pictured here.
All bottles are brand new, wrapped and sent to Crypta Obscura direct from Nocturne Alchemy.

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NA VAULT - Bastet's Garden Retro Labels

Alyssum Champagne Crystalline – Egyptian Alyssum found near Philae Temple in Aswan, Effervescent Champagne White Grape, a drop of Silver Sandalwood-Musk Accord and Crystalline Vanilla Bean whole.

Blackberry Kobalt – Egyptian Blackberry, White Musk, Kobalt Vanilla Orchid, Blue Egyptian Basil, Black Honey and a kiss of Blue Sugar.

Blue Lotus Diamond – Rare Blue Lotus, Golden Frankincense, Amber Musk and the charm and faience of Studio Limited - Diamond (Redwood and Cedar).

Blueberry Crystal – Egyptian Summer Blueberry within the beauty of harmonized Vanilla and Musk (Studio Limited Original - Crystal).

Carnation Santalum Gold – White Carnation of Cairo, Gold Santalum of India, a drop of Egyptian Temple Oudh, French Vanilla Beans whole, Vanilla-Sugar, White Sugar and Pink Cotton Candy.

Daffodil Empire Musk – Egyptian Daffodil Essence, Philae Empire Musk Flower, Egyptian Musk and a drop of Crimson Musk.

Egyptian Jasmine Crystal Musk – Egyptian Blue Jasmine, Crystal Vanilla Musk and Eternal Ankh Vanilla (concentrated from the PC Eternal Ankh).

Egyptian Peach Blossom  – Egyptian Summer Peach Orchard, Egyptian Sandalwood (Studio Limited Original : Santalum) and Egyptian Vanilla Orchid (Studio Limited Original - Kobalt) 2021 blend

Honeysuckle Crystalline  – Egyptian Honeysuckle, Blue European Honeysuckle, White Japanese Honeysuckle crystal and Egyptian Vanilla (Studio Limited Original - Crystalline).

Jasmine Crimson – Blue, White, Purple Jasmine of Aswan and Abu-Simbel, Studio Limited - Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk).

Karnak Orange Black Honey – Egyptian Orange, Greek Blood Orange Ring, Orange Sugar, Luxor Tangerine, Egyptian Black Honey and a drop of pure Frankincense Resin. 2021 blend

Lavender Santalum – Australian and French Lavender, Santalum ; a perfume blend of intoxicating sleep, rest and bliss.

Lotus Santalum – Egyptian Lotus Essence, Santalum (Studio Limited Original), Crystal (Studio Limited Original) and Blue Crystalline Vanilla.

Papaya White Santalum – Papaya, White Santalum, Peach essence, Pineapple rind, drop of Moonstone Vanilla and Australian Sandalwood

Pink Grapefruit Frankincense Crystalline – Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Crystalline, Egyptian Frankincense Resin, Ruby Red Essential Oil, Caramelized Grapefruit Skin, California White Sage and a drop of Amber Musk Absolute.

Raspberry Kobalt – Aromatic Egyptian Raspberry, rich Egyptian Vanilla Orchid (Studio Limited Original - Kobalt).

Violet Santalum Sweet – Egyptian and French Violet, Egyptian Jasmine and Lilac, Sandalwood Sugar from a natural occurring Sandalwood Cask and Santalum Sweet