Nocturne Alchemy VAULT — Studio Limited Retro Labels — 5 ml Bottle


Nocturne Alchemy Vault — Studio Limited Retro Labels — 5 ml Bottle
These bottles have the long labels like the bottles pictured here.
All bottles are brand new, wrapped and sent to Crypta Obscura direct from Nocturne Alchemy.

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NA VAULT - Studio Limited Retro Labels

Santalum - "This is the beautiful Sandalwood imported from Alexandria infused with all Egyptian components: coconut husk, golden amber accords, golden Sandalwood resin, deep fossilized amber, golden Himalayan Cedarwood, gold Patchouli and a teardrop of golden Frankincense." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Amethyst -" Single Note perfume oil built from two notes from a sweet Egyptian Sandalwood and a beautiful earthy Egyptian Teak" ~Nocturne Alchemy

Crystal - "Harvested in Egypt with Egyptian Black Vanilla pods, flecks extracted and blended into a beautiful and smooth White Musk. For this perfume, it is about precise binding and timing and we hope you enjoy it as it is one of our customer-favorite single notes." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Blue Topaz - "A beautiful Blue Musk blend of aquatic musks and oceanic pine but not the 'ocean' staple of salt and sea, but of mermaids and mermen, perfume for a fantasy musk of Atlantis" ~Nocturne Alchemy

Black Musk - "Imported Egyptian Black Musk" ~Nocturne Alchemy

Patchouli - "A true scent of Patchouli 100% organic and pure. Imported from Alexandria as Patchouli leaves and root and created as Perfume here in our Studio. This perfume will only become richer, smokier and more poignant with aging. Truly a significant Patchouli for any perfume lover. Rich, smoky and viscous gold patchouli." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Indigo - "Words to visualize with this perfume oil are 'heavenly', 'purple', 'peaceful', 'ethereal' and 'grounding'; imported African Musk." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Tibetan Santalum - "Deep incense of Tibetan Champa, Tibetan Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood, Nepalese Sandalwood, White Sandalwood, Santalum Absolute, Siam Benzoin Resin and Amber Henna, Davana distilled essential oil, Tibetan Musk, Nepalese Sugandh Kokila, Plumeria, Bastet’s Amber and soft spirals of pure eNVie Saphir Amber essence." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Tibetan Crystalline -"Deep incense of Indian Nag Champa Studio Blend (Champa, Indian Sandalwood, Benzoin and Henna), Mesua Ferrea Absolute, Aged Crystalline Absolute, Tibetan Musk undertones and soft spirals of pure Bergamot leaf essential oil." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Moonstone - "This was sold out and highly sought after and requested for a return. We found enough vanilla beans to cull the perfume again with the husk, fleck and essence of African White Vanilla to bond with a dash of Crystalline. This is a fresh batch and best when aged. Of course you can apply to skin now but the scent will resonate with aging. The true Husk, black and white Fleck, essence and whole of African White Vanilla with a kiss of Crystalline will only get better. " ~Nocturne Alchemy

Bloodstone - "Dragon's Blood is naturally deep blood red in colour. Please be aware of this when applying. This is the natural colour of the resin that we have used and alchemically transformed into perfume oil. A beautiful perfume on its own or apply as a layer with the Permanent collection Dragons to enhance the Dragon's Blood in each of the Dragon perfumes." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Pink Quartz - " Pink Vanilla Blossom, Crystalline, Crimson Egyptian Musk, Bastet’s White Amber Absolute and a minimal drop of aged Oak" ~Nocturne Alchemy

Ember Vanilla - " A haunting Vanilla cream with accents of caramel and a sweet kiss of brown sugar, in which we mean, the vanilla is underneath teasing and sweetening the woods of exotic Indian Sandalwood, American Cedar, California Redwood and the haunting decadence of our ICON Egyptian Oudh as part of this blend. A vision of smoked vanilla but only by using the finest of NAVA SL ingredients." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Garnet - "Cherry wood, amber and rich musk. Black Cherry essence, Australian and Karnataka (formerly Mysore) Sandalwood finish the scent." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Pyramid Vanille - "Kobalt (Vanilla Orchid of Cairo), Crystalline (Egyptian Vanilla/stigma Resin), Crystal (Black Vanilla bean Musk) and Moonstone (African White Vanilla)." ~Nocturne Alchemy

N2 - "Beautiful Egyptian Musk from the edge of the Nile and only from Aswan, Egypt." ~Nocturne Alchemy

West Indian Vanilla - "Rich aspects of Vanilla Ice Cream essence, an ethereal French Vanilla Fleck, Vanilla Buttercream, beautiful on its own or layered with Crystalline, a touch of Kobalt, a little French Vanilla Pompona Schiede and French Vanilla Fleck." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Kobalt - "Exquisite Vanilla Accord of Cairo Vanilla Orchid leaves, Pure E/O of a true non-hybrid Egyptian White Vanilla grown specifically for NA by our beloved Egyptian Alchemist based in Cairo. Blending with only the truest and highest quality of Vanilla's from around the world. 8 Vanilla Orchid oils of Cairo, Madagascar, Spain, Reunion and Comoros Islands, West Indies and Kenya. " ~Nocturne Alchemy

Tahitian Vanilla - "Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Crystalline Vanilla and Coconut Husk essence." ~Nocturne Alchemy

N8 - "A sensual Musk created with the absolutes of ylang ylang, neroli, white jasmine, white floral musk, white rose petals and sandalwood with a drop of Bastet’s Amber." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Pyramid Santalum - "Four aged Sandalwood perfumes by Nocturne Alchemy, blended together in different quantities to create an aromatic sandalwood symphony. When worn the sandalwood notes will vary in scent dependent on the wearer. Santalum, Santalum White, Santalum Sweet and Mysore Santalum." ~Nocturne Alchemy

Egyptian Musk - "Single note scent - of PURE Egyptian Musk. The thick, clear and clean mild beautiful scent is the scent of Egypt. Created from Musk Mallow, Ambrette Seed and Musk flower. " ~Nocturne Alchemy