SL Deux 2023 Nocturne Alchemy Vial Decants

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Nocturne Alchemy SL Deux 2023 Perfume Oil Decants (1 ml sample vials)


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Nocturne Alchemy Studio Limited Collection
Names and notes by Nocturne Alchemy

*NEW* OPAL Sandalwood - French Vanilla, Vanilla Bean Cordial, Bavarian Crème accord, Bastet’s Musk absolute, Vanilla Custard accord, Santalum (Studio Limited) absolute, Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood chips and Vanilla Bean whole

*NEW* Pyramid Vanille 4 - Crème Anglaise accord, Vanille Française Crème Brûlée, Sucre Caramélisé, Gâteau à la Vanille accord, Spanish Tonka Bean Oleoresin, and Musc Gousse de Vanille de Bastet (Vanilla Custard, French Vanilla Crème Brulee, Caramelized Sugar, Vanilla Cake, Spanish Tonka Bean, and Bastet's Vanilla Bean Musk)

*NEW* Silver Star - Raspberry Skin, Raspberry essence, White Chocolate accord, Buttercream accord, Kobalt absolute, French Vanilla Absolute, Crystalline Absolute, Bastet's Ice Cream accord, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Butter accord, Confectioner's Sugar accord, lightly toasted Coconut accord, Coconut Pulp and Musk *due to the nature of the components this oil has a dark hue

Studio Limited Deux

Blue Topaz/Santalum White
Bourbon Vanille/Santalum
Egyptian Musk/Santalum
Kashmir/Egyptian Musk

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