Welcome to the hidden vault!  Crypta Obscura!  This is a little shop I've set up to sell handmade items. From jewelry to fine art as well as other treasures I may find. One of the first projects I've been working on is helping my dear friends over at Nocturne Alchemy. As they have expanded and grown they are no longer able to manage their NA Studio Sales Page where they sold their vintage and rare perfumes. 

As a huge fan of Nocturne Alchemy and the House of NA I want to offer these treasures to fellow NA fans in a way that would be the most efficient for all parties involved, and doing this through my own store was the most logical solution. I am a former indie/small business owner and I am experienced in running an e-commerce shop. Therefore, I know how much work it takes to be a maker as well as a seller. I offered to help NA so they could continue getting the vintage bottles to their fans without cutting into valuable time already dedicated to creating new exquisite perfumes.

Crypta Obscura also provides an outlet for me to offer handmade items, fine art and other goodies. This website is a work in progress and new pages will be added over time. I'm happy you are here with me on this new adventure!

*Please note that Crypta Obscura is not a business run by Nocturne Alchemy and therefore any questions regarding items sold by Crypta Obscura need to be sent to Crypta Obscura directly. Contact

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